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A Day In The Life At JDR – How Jess Manages Client Marketing Campaigns

A Day In The Life At JDR – How Jess Manages Client Marketing Campaigns

A Day In The Life At JDR – How Jess Manages Client Marketing Campaigns 1

My name is Jess, and I’ve been at JDR for a year and a half now. I was new to digital marketing, but I brought my attention to detail and eagerness to learn!

I’m going to talk a little bit about what the typical day at JDR is like for me and what I usually get up to. There’s a lot of us on the Production team so we all have separate responsibilities.

Here’s a snapshot of mine!

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Every day at JDR is different because we work with so many different clients in completely different industries. Marketing is really interesting to me especially because no two days are exactly the same.

Most of the team make a cup of tea first thing in the morning but not me – I turn my computer on and fill up my water bottle to get set up for the day! My first task is to take an overview of everything I’ll be doing that day.

I’m one of the team members who picks up incoming calls – so if you’ve ever called our office to make an enquiry or speak to your account manager, there’s a good chance it was me you said hello to first!

I’d say I spend the most time on website work. I do website checks, website changes, website updates… our developer takes care of design and coding, but on the Production team we carry out content improvements and changes, we check website speed, check that data is being properly tracked and collected… basically we keep the clients’ websites looking professional and working properly! Our clients have a much better chance of attracting new leads with a modern, well maintained website.

I also work on email campaigns which are very interesting. We promote our client’s latest content and newest offers. Emails are carefully curated and scheduled to go out at the exact right time that any prospective customers are likely to open them. It’s not much use sending e-shots if it’s the wrong type of topic for a specific kind of customer, so we take that into consideration when we’re working on email campaigns.

We also set up automated emails and sequences to help nurture our client’s prospects who interacted with their site and showed interest. For example, if someone downloaded an eBook from the client’s site, we line up a series of emails designed to further educate the lead and help progress those new prospects through the funnel, from consideration to DECISION!

My favourite day at JDR is always Friday because of the “Fuddle” – every Friday someone in the team brings in lots of nice snacks for everyone which makes everything fun. The best are chocolate buttons! Fuddle marks the end of another great week where we got a lot done.

I really feel like I make a difference to client results and that feels really good to be able to say. I’m excited for my future at JDR and who we’ll be working with next because you never know with our clients!

Thanks for reading and here’s a picture of that Fuddle I mentioned!

A Day In The Life At JDR – How Jess Manages Client Marketing Campaigns

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