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Andrew Gibbins

Business Development Manager

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Where Are All My New Customers?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 13-Aug-2019 10:11:46

If you're a business owner, you may be dabbling in marketing or you might be knee-deep into it - but if you don't have the knowledge or the time to do it right, you won't see much payoff. Many business owners are sceptical of digital marketing because they don't utilise the best tools and they don't take advantage of what's right at their fingertips!

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Case Study: International Book Distributer Quadruples Website Traffic, Becomes Largest In Their Field

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 06-Aug-2019 13:05:40

This client, an international book distributer, initially approached JDR for a website redesign which led to hosting their website with us. They originally planned to hire their own employee to handle all of their marketing in-house but made the decision to outsource to the JDR team instead. Here’s how we helped this business.

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Topics: Case Studies

Why Do Different Website Analytics Programmes Show Different Stats?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 31-Jul-2019 10:00:00

Data harvested from analytics platforms is only useful if it is accurate, so it’s disconcerting when apparent discrepancies appear between different platforms over the same metric. It is common for businesses to have Google Analytics, and to also to have additional analytics from software programmes like HubSpot, Lead Forensics, or built-in website stats. When businesses have two or more forms of web stats/analytics, they often show different figures.

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Topics: Hubspot, Strategy

Will Hiring A Marketing Agency Guarantee You Better Results Than Employing Someone In-House?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 24-Jul-2019 11:51:08

When it comes to marketing agencies, no two are identical. It can be difficult to know if your investment is worthwhile, and whether the agency can deliver what it is offering. The key question is whether a marketing agency can guarantee better results than handling your marketing strategy in-house?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Are events, trade shows or exhibitions worth the cost?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 01-Oct-2015 13:47:00

For a number of years, trade shows, exhibitions and events were the way to generate leads and enquiries for B2B companies particularly those selling products and services to the manufacturing, events and construction industries. These were historically the events where the big deals were completed, however things have dropped off significantly. Why is this?

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Beyond Analytics: How To Find Out WHO Visits My Website

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 22-Sep-2015 10:30:00


Being able to see who visits your website is often talked about by business owners. For years, they have been able to see who comes into their shops, who enters their office and who is showing an interest in their product or services.

However, things aren’t what they used to be. The Internet has changed all of that, so much so now that businesses are seeing their customers less and less, sometimes not at all. I spoke to an accountant recently who reckons he has never met nearly 30% of his clients. This would have been impossible 15 or 20 years ago. 

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How Does Business Coaching Help With Digital Marketing?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 13-Jun-2014 09:30:00


Lots of our clients that we speak to are surprised to hear we started as a coaching business, but digital marketing was a natural next step for us.

In this article I am going to outline what coaching is, how we got into digital and how our coaching comes through our service.

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What Would a Mobile App Look Like for Your Business?‏

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 14-Apr-2014 15:55:15

You hear a lot about mobile apps but if you had one what would it do? A mobile app is rapidly becoming an essential business tool as the huge growth in mobile usage means that the majority of your clients, your customers and your potential customers are using devices like smart phones and tablets in their day to day lives, both in business and even more so in the consumer environment.

What Can A Mobile App Do?

There are many ways in which you can take advantage of the growth in mobile technology as a business. Think about your website, most small to medium sized businesses websites are a good few years old, so they weren’t designed to work on smart phones or tablets. A lot of businesses are now making their website mobile friendly to take advantage, but why stop there?

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SEO Prices - What Can You Expect To Pay For SEO In 2014

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 04-Feb-2014 12:46:00

When looking at investing in search engine marketing, there are a number of factors to consider that will determine what you price you will pay for the service.

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7 Fatal Website Mistakes All Business Owners Should Avoid

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 15-Dec-2013 14:52:00

A guide to the top 7 fatal website mistakes that could be losing you money.

Is your website not as effective as you’d like? Would you like to generate more enquiries or sales? Here are 7 of the top fatal website mistakes that could be losing you money!

1. Contact Details

It may seem quite self explanatory to have contact details on your website, but many people aren’t currently using this to their advantage. Have you ever been on a website and just got the impression that they don’t want you to call them? Entice people to call you up, send an email, request a call back, or chat to you online. Customer interaction is incredibly important and goes far when the customer is making their final decision on who to do business with. It is incredibly important to have contact details on every page, rather than them having to go to specific page in order for them to call you. If you give somebody an opportunity to click off your website, they probably will.  With contact details on every page, when they are ready to contact you they can easily.

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