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Andrew Gibbins

Business Development Manager

Recent Posts

How To Attract Customers From Specific Countries To Your Website

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 09-Oct-2019 14:09:00

To break into a new international market, you need a website that ranks well in your target country. However, there are several challenges to overcome when trying to attract customers from specific countries to your website, primarily related to language and SEO.

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Topics: Sales & CRM

Why You Need To Market Your Business (& Why It's Easier Than Ever!)

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 26-Sep-2019 12:10:00

Today's business world is so competitive that it's crucial to create a buzz about your products and services if you want to stay ahead of your rivals and ensure your business survives. Thankfully, however, you can make a huge difference to your company's performance by applying the right marketing techniques. Let's examine why marketing is so important and how you can create an effective strategy!

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Do You Want To Increase Sales & Save Valuable Time? Just Hire A Marketing Agency

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 24-Sep-2019 11:04:00

Running a company is a time-consuming business and there's always a host of things that need to be done. However, even if your business is booming, it's crucial to continue marketing it effectively, if you want to maximise your profits and ensure that it's still thriving in years to come. A professional marketing agency can help you to do this while you keep on top of everything else on your 'to do list'. Let's look at why it could be worth hiring one.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

6 Marketing Tips To Help Get The Most From Trade Shows, Exhibitions & Events

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 09-Sep-2019 15:42:51

Trade shows, exhibitions and events are classic ‘outbound’ marketing tactics that can be extremely successful if they are the right events and they are carried out effectively. Many business owners simply send their salespeople with some brochures and business cards to man a stand, but when you are investing thousands of pounds for an event, it’s vital to maximise the opportunity. Here are six ways you can ensure your next event has maximum marketing impact:

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Topics: Strategy

Video Marketing Inspiration: 7 Concepts You Can Execute With Ease

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 02-Sep-2019 16:15:25

Although many business owners know how beneficial it can be to use video content as part of their marketing activities, not all of them can afford to splash out on the services of a professional production company. Luckily, you can create an array of creative videos in-house using fairly inexpensive equipment. Let's take a look at some of the options available to you.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Marketing Your Business On Facebook – Should You Boost Your Posts Or Not?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 30-Aug-2019 10:48:47

If you use Facebook for marketing purposes, you may already know that you can pay to 'boost' your posts in order to increase their reach. However, if your company is working on a tight budget, you'll need to consider whether doing so is worthwhile. So, when should – and shouldn't – you boost your Facebook posts, what else do you need to bear in mind, and what other options are available? Let's take a look.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Inbound Marketing - How Long Will It Take Before You See Results?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 20-Aug-2019 12:29:00

In a world in which more and more people prefer to carry out extensive research about products and services before speaking to salespeople, having an inbound marketing strategy in place is a must. It can help you attract, engage, convert and retain customers, and ultimately have a positive effect on your company's bottom line. If you're hoping to see instant results, however, you may need to adjust your expectations: inbound marketing is usually a longer-term investment. Let's delve into the subject a bit deeper.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Where Are All My New Customers?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 13-Aug-2019 10:11:46

If you're a business owner, you may be dabbling in marketing or you might be knee-deep into it - but if you don't have the knowledge or the time to do it right, you won't see much payoff. Many business owners are sceptical of digital marketing because they don't utilise the best tools and they don't take advantage of what's right at their fingertips!

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Case Study: International Book Distributer Quadruples Website Traffic, Becomes Largest In Their Field

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 06-Aug-2019 13:05:40

This client, an international book distributer, initially approached JDR for a website redesign which led to hosting their website with us. They originally planned to hire their own employee to handle all of their marketing in-house but made the decision to outsource to the JDR team instead. Here’s how we helped this business.

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Topics: Case Studies

Why Do Different Website Analytics Programmes Show Different Stats?

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 31-Jul-2019 10:00:00

Data harvested from analytics platforms is only useful if it is accurate, so it’s disconcerting when apparent discrepancies appear between different platforms over the same metric. It is common for businesses to have Google Analytics, and to also to have additional analytics from software programmes like HubSpot, Lead Forensics, or built-in website stats. When businesses have two or more forms of web stats/analytics, they often show different figures.

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Topics: Hubspot, Strategy

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