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Traditional Vs Contemporary Marketing Strategies

Posted by Daanish Siddiqui on 31-Jan-2016 17:16:00

Marketing has most definitely evolved over the past 5 decades, with new ideas and theories developing yearly from a variety of different academic scholars and strategists alike. It is for this reason that identifying which tools are best suited for your marketing message are crucial. This article seeks to explain what traditional marketing theories exist and which contemporary marketing theories you should consider.

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What Is Market Sensing And How Can It Help You With Your Business?

Posted by Daanish Siddiqui on 23-Dec-2015 09:30:00

The World We Live In:

We live in a ubiquitous culture where brands are constantly trying to engage with us through a variety of different mediums. From the evolution of print media in magazines and newspapers, through to the boom of social media content. Their has constantly been news and information that brands force on us.

However, this trend is beginning to die down. Marketers have evolved with the times. Using different approaches to attract attention like the the recent Christmas Sainsbury's adverts, linking the festive holiday with family and sharing. Combined with an emotional score and clever narration. Sainsbury's have yet again differentiated themselves from other super stores of produce. John Lewis have become notorious for using different emotive links to combine Christmas with aspirational desires. Coca Cola have always used Christmas to signify the importance of Santa Clause to children. The trend is emerging, creating emotive links to services and products has seen a shift in consumer awareness. This is all down to Market Sensing research data.

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