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Reasons Why Video Marketing Works For Small Businesses

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 21-Apr-2017 15:00:00

Visual media is becoming increasingly important for lead generation and small businesses need to jump on the bandwagon before they get left behind. Video Marketing in particular presents an amazing opportunity for SMEs to reach wider audiences through social media and other interactive hotspots.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Business?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 13-Apr-2017 11:50:00

Everybody knows that social media is an extremely effective way to increase brand awareness. Yet with so many social media platforms available and new forums being continually developed, it can be confusing to know where to focus your time, attention and marketing budget. Getting social media right takes practice and expertise. Posts need to be interesting and engaging, whilst also appealing to the right audience. If you’re not attracting the right consumers, your social media efforts will not add value. The real question you should ask is ‘Which social media platform is best for my business?’

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Marketing With Social Media

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 07-Apr-2017 13:45:00

Most of your suppliers, competitors and customers will have a presence (formally at least) on the big three social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You may well use social media for business yourself.

However, for every small business that successfully uses social media to generate leads and get sales, there are 10, 25, 50 other businesses that fail to make an impact. What are the reasons for this? The success stories prove that social media marketing does work and it does bring results, but many business users fall prey to the same few common mistakes.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

Mixpanel Vs Google Analytics: A Quick Comparison

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 04-Apr-2017 12:48:29

Analysing the traffic on your website is a necessary part of managing online content. Two of the most popular systems that you can take advantage of are Google Analytics and Mixpanel. The good news is that they are both free for smaller businesses. The way that Google Analytics and Mixpanel function is different, though recently Google Analytics has been working to catch-up with some of the features that Mixpanel offers.

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Topics: B2B Marketing

How Much Does Email Marketing Automation Cost?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 31-Mar-2017 15:41:24

Email remains the single best online marketing tool there is. When you want to reach your target client base, well-crafted emails are the perfect solution. While email is a powerful marketing medium, implementing a commercial email campaign isn't simple. The days when your company could make up a single email to send out every week are gone. Successful email marketing requires a lot more than just a list of names and a generic email template.

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Topics: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Branding And Content On Social Media For B2B & B2C Businesses: What Are The Main Differences?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 27-Mar-2017 17:30:00

The necessity of a social media presence isn't debated anymore, no matter what kind of business you operate. Potential clients for companies that operate in the B2B sector are being reached via social media, so if you aren't taking advantage, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

There are some pesky ideas that seem to be haunting the B2B community when it comes to social media. Many company directors still cling to the idea that somehow social media marketing isn't necessary for their business, just because they don't operate in the B2C sector.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

How To Lower The Cost Of Email Marketing

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 20-Mar-2017 15:00:00

Email marketing is an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their customers. The costs that build up when producing an email campaign can be significant if you are not careful, and the campaign is not always as effective as one would hope. However, there are ways that you can limit the number of emails you send, while tailoring them to your clients interests.

One of the most important things that you can do when you send out marketing emails is to create content that people love to receive. The days of one-size fits all emailing are long gone. Today when a company uses email marketing, the message has to be engaging and relevant. There are some great tools that can help your business take full advantage of modern email marketing, and limit your costs at the same time. 

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Topics: Email Marketing

5 Of The Best Benefits Of Video Marketing

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 07-Mar-2017 09:45:00

Video marketing uses videos rather than simply words or pictures to market ideas, products and services. This may sound obvious, but if you look closely at it, you will find that videos appeal to people in a way that pictures and words just don’t.

Videos are much easier to watch than reading written information, or even looking at still pictures. What’s more, recent global trends have resulted in a huge increase in video marketing for B2B service companies, making it a common and easy method to use for businesses of all sizes.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

Social Media Vs Traditional Media: Which Is More Effective For An SME?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 06-Mar-2017 10:40:00

SMEs have a lot of options when it comes to online advertising. In the last ten years the social media outlets have started to change the way that people handle information, reducing the dependence of businesses on traditional media.

Instead of being limited to advertising in industry magazines, local newspapers and websites, SMEs now have a powerful new tool for promotion. The costs involved with social media marketing and advertising are far lower, but the kind of advertising methods that work are sometimes difficult to understand.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

Facebook Vs Google Advertising: How To Target Your Resources For The Best Results

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 02-Mar-2017 11:30:00

For a B2B service business with an online advertising budget, choosing between using Facebook and Google can be a little bit challenging. They are both effective, but they approach promoting your company from differing angles.

In addition to some very different foundations, they also offer some unique abilities. Taking their individual strengths and weaknesses into account is vital when you plan your online marketing strategy.

A solid understanding of what they are great at will help you to get the most from your budget, and reach people who are the most likely to click and convert.

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Topics: Pay Per Click Advertising

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