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Leanne Mordue

Operations Director at JDR Group
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How To Create A Facebook Business Page (10 EASY Steps!)

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 27-Mar-2020 13:06:18

So, like many other marketers and directors you have decided to incorporate Facebook in your efforts to promote your services and products. The next question you’re asking is ‘HOW?’  

The truth is Facebook can seem daunting to inexperienced users and you may find yourself in a position where you just don’t have the time to learn how to use the site. 

In this guide you will see just how simple it can be to set up a ‘Business Page’ for your company, leaving you with another form of communication with your customers and another way in which you can promote your products or services… FREE!

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

How To Send An Email Campaign With HubSpot

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 23-Mar-2020 11:59:00

Did you know that email marketing can help build awareness around your brand and gain new customers? That’s why many leading names such as Buzzfeed and Mumsnet are using this highly valuable tool to assist in their digital marketing efforts and are reaping the rewards.

With this being said, you might be thinking of how to get a piece of the action through sending your first email campaign via Hubspot. We share with you some straightforward steps to help you get started:

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Topics: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing, Hubspot

4 Challenges Of Being Over Reliant On Current Customers - How Modern Marketing Will Help

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 17-Mar-2020 12:40:31

Regular customers are the sign of a successful business and something to be proud of. Many businesses build relationships with clients that last years or even decades. But can you become over reliant on current customers? Yes you can. As your relationship with a repeat customer grows, and the value of their orders increases, this has an inevitable impact on your business. Most successful SMEs fall into this pattern after a few years, with a large proportion of business being concentrated in a handful of large contracts. This can enable SMEs to streamline their operation and cut back on marketing costs. However the strategy has some risks:

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

LinkedIn Blog Posts Vs. Articles – Which Is Better?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 13-Mar-2020 10:24:45

LinkedIn lets you publish two types of written content directly to the platform. Articles are long-form pieces that let you show your expertise in a relatively in-depth way: articles can often run to over 1,000 words. LinkedIn blog posts are usually shorter and more anecdotal, though still professional in tone. They'll appear to your connections via their newsfeeds.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

In-House Marketing vs Outsourcing – The Pros & Cons

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 11-Mar-2020 16:42:43

All companies need to engage in marketing activities if they want to succeed long term – you can’t rely on referrals and chance enquiries to deliver predictable growth. However, for busy SMEs with stretched resources it can be difficult to decide whether to task your marketing activities to in-house staff or to hire a professional agency. Let's look at the pros and cons of each option:

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Are You Too Reliant On A Core Of Returning Customers?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 05-Mar-2020 12:41:00

If your business has a couple of really big clients who keep on coming back, that's a good thing. Most companies have securing high value, repeat customers at the core of their business development strategy. However, over dependence on a core of returning customers – at the expense of new business sales – can be a risky approach. Here’s why.

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

Guarantee Future Business Growth By Turning to Marketing Automation

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 27-Feb-2020 17:25:32

One of the best strategies for achieving strong, sustainable growth is to invest in marketing automation. This can produce high ROI and allow you to invest in other areas. In this article we look at the ways in which marketing automation can deliver higher returns for your business, and why now is the time to invest in this cost-effective, time-saving technology.

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Topics: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

4 Easy Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 26-Feb-2020 15:00:00

Visual media is becoming increasingly important for lead generation and small businesses need to jump on the bandwagon before they get left behind. Video Marketing in particular presents an amazing opportunity for SMEs to reach wider audiences through social media and other interactive hotspots.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Linkedin Video 101 For Business Owners: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 20-Feb-2020 16:08:00

LinkedIn's status as the world's number one professional business network is secure. That makes it a key platform for business owners and MDs looking to build new business connections and generate valuable leads. Video is tremendously effective at cutting through and reaching your desired audience, so how do you make it work for you? Here's how.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

LinkedIn Native Video WILL Attract More Customers! - Here's 5 Benefits

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 19-Feb-2020 12:57:00

Since LinkedIn introduced its native video feature in 2017, it's become increasingly attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. Your business could be missing out if it's not one of them, so let's go straight into looking at 5 reasons for business owners to use it to generate more leads and sales.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Sales & CRM