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Will Williamson

Creative Director, The JDR Group
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How To Understand The Hubspot Contact Timeline

Posted by Will Williamson on 27-Mar-2020 11:08:05

As Hubspot states, contacts are at the core of your marketing and sales strategy. Once these individuals are in your system, you can utilise many opportunities to change them from prospects to fully fledged customers. Knowing a little bit about their background will give you the perfect opportunity to tailor content appropriately via email marketing and eBooks, for example. Information such as their company, their job role and the industry they work in will work in your favour.

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Topics: Hubspot

33 Local Internet Marketing Ideas For Small Business (Okay, Just 32 Really!)

Posted by Will Williamson on 26-Mar-2020 17:27:00

32 Marketing strategies ANY local business can implement to attract local customers using the internet!

Hi, I’m Will Williamson, author of ‘Local Business Marketing – Online’. Over the last 5 years I have brainstormed hundreds of local business internet marketing ideas with business owners and marketing managers. So here are just a few of them, a great resource to get your marketing juices flowing:

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Your Business Bounce Back From Coronavirus Should Start NOW!

Posted by Will Williamson on 25-Mar-2020 10:21:37

If all goes to plan, in 2-3 months the UK will start to lift the social restrictions and the UK can go back to work. We all expect there to be a surge in demand when this happens, but it won’t be business as usual - this crisis will change business practices forever and your business will need to adapt to the new world.

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The Importance Of Investing In Your Business - Your Future Self Will Thank You!

Posted by Will Williamson on 24-Mar-2020 12:41:00

Let’s talk about investing in the future of your business. I always remember the Bill Shankly quote which was to “strengthen while you're ahead”. In other words, he bought players before he needed players. He reinvested in the squad before he needed to. As a business owner, you have to do the same thing. Economically, we're in uncertain times, with Brexit AND the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. No doubt the businesses that succeed will be the ones that are efficient, financially well-managed, plus, well-managed from a team and employee perspective. Most importantly, for a business to succeed is to also have a highly effective sales and marketing team that can go out to win customers and beat the competitors.

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Topics: Strategy

Your First Few Months With JDR Group

Posted by Will Williamson on 19-Mar-2020 11:02:29

When you join us at JDR Group, we want to help you understand how we can help with your digital marketing efforts so you can reap the rewards of getting your name out online. Here, we explain the JDR process and how you can benefit from collaborating with us.

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Topics: Strategy

LinkedIn Company Page vs. Personal Page – Which Is Best For You?

Posted by Will Williamson on 18-Mar-2020 15:23:21

These two kinds of pages on LinkedIn certainly both have their uses, but it's important to keep the differences clear in your mind. A good way of looking at this is to think about how Facebook does things: a business page and a personal page are two different things. A LinkedIn company page is like Facebook's business page, while a profile is more like a personal page.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Why You Should Sell Online: 7 Benefits Of Ecommerce Websites

Posted by Will Williamson on 13-Mar-2020 11:32:07

You may currently have an office or shop, which oversees all your business operations and the distribution of your products to customers. However if you are wanting to find ways to increase your sales quicker, reduce your business operating costs and increase profit margins for your business, an ecommerce website is an effective way forward for you.

The Internet is a powerful platform providing a broad awareness of e-commerce websites. There are millions of people searching the internet everyday, looking for products and services. Online shopping is increasing year on year and is being seen as a convenient method to purchase products, where you can also buy at any time in the day.

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Topics: Website Design, Sales & CRM

20 Special Offer Ideas For Marketing My Business

Posted by Will Williamson on 12-Mar-2020 12:32:00

Offers and incentives can be a great way to help replace the 5% - 10% of your customer base that every small to medium sized business loses each and every year. Whilst the profit margin can sometimes be slightly smaller, offers stimulate repeat purchases from existing customers and attract a new set of loyal customers which in the long run is highly beneficial!

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Topics: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing?

Posted by Will Williamson on 12-Mar-2020 12:27:06

You may have often thought of the following questions when setting aside funds for marketing efforts:

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Topics: Strategy

What Is Audience Profiling & Why Is Audience Profiling Important?

Posted by Will Williamson on 11-Mar-2020 11:30:00

Many businesses rely on consumer data to reach new audiences, using a generic marketing approach in the hope of making a few meaningful connections. While this strategy may have yielded results in the past, today’s consumers are continually bombarded by marketing messages; whether in-store, online or via the media. With so many channels vying for attention, it’s easy for your message to get missed, filtered or blocked. Over 37% of internet users already use ad blockers, so the content you display in other areas must attract and engage with your customers. Unless your marketing activities are highly focussed to reach and connect with a predetermined target audience, you could be wasting time and resources, as well as destroying the value within your data.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)