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Day In The Life at JDR - Amber


My name is Amber, I’ve been at JDR Group since 2013. As a Campaign Manager I deal with different clients every day, so no two days are exactly the same! In this article I am going to discuss what a typical day working for JDR is like for me and what I tend to get up to. At the time of writing this we were still in the middle of our second National lockdown and my day tended to start with my beautiful little helper - Thor. We got Thor last October and since we went into lockdown and started working from home in November, I've pretty much spent all my time with my fur baby - he's such an attention seeker!


As I am now back in the office, I miss him terribly, but he is always excited to see me when I get back!

My career at JDR first started with achieving my apprenticeship in social media and digital marketing. During my apprenticeship I learned every aspect of Digital Marketing. Following on from there, I held the position of Website Project Co-ordinator for 5 years where I helped to build the website design and development arm at JDR. I loved this role as I was able to use a lot of my own creativity on the website design front as well as host client meetings, liaise with developers and train members of the web team on various site live processes and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) testing procedures.

I feel I have now hit my stride in the Campaign management role, which I have been doing since August 2020, as I am able to bring all my knowledge, skill and experience forward to deliver excellent campaigns for my clients. (Although I am still referred to as the website guru!)

When it comes to my work now, I manage multiple clients marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their website and to generate leads. I oversee tasks the wider team do for my clients and report to the clients the progress and results of their campaigns on a monthly basis.

Some of the tools that I use daily at JDR and couldn’t be without are: HubSpot – for EVERYTHING, including data analysis to analyse and enhance the performance of our campaigns, lead follow up and reporting, mail shots, automating processes and much more! SEMrush – to monitor and track the performance keywords for our SEO efforts, keyword and competitor research etc. Google Adwords – for budget checks, monitoring and tweaking accounts throughout the month. Slack - to communicate with my team (and post pics of my cat). And finally, Accelo - which I use to manage all my ongoing projects and tasks, a real ‘God Send' when you are juggling as many balls as I do in a day!

One of my favourite working days is, obviously, Friday! Each day is very different, and I book client meetings most days throughout the week, so on Fridays I tend to try and spend working through my client accounts, running performance checks and checking in on work in progress. I also look at the marketing efforts in line with the client goals and strategy.

I will always look back on lockdown Fridays with fond memories of my little helper, Thor. I’m excited to spend many more years at JDR! I feel the work we do here really has an impact on the companies we work with. I love seeing the results we get for our clients; it gives me a real sense of job satisfaction.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this very cute photo of Thor!