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A Day In The Life At JDR – How Josh Manages Client Marketing Campaigns

A Day In The Life At JDR – How Josh Manages Client Marketing Campaigns

A Day In The Life Of Josh

Hi, my name is Josh and I’m a digital marketing executive at JDR Group, working here for three years.

I’m going to share with you what a typical day looks like here at JDR Group and how I support clients with their marketing efforts.

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Every morning I make myself a coffee and get ready for a busy day. Marketing is a big industry and requires many skills, including analysing data to see what works and what doesn’t work. One of my main roles at JDR is to ensure clients’ websites are optimised and look presentable. This involves making website edits, tracking visitor numbers to websites and more.

I use the HubSpot interface, among other tools, to keep an eye on all processes and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

One of the tasks I take on as part of the production team is answering phone calls from clients and ensuring any queries they have are dealt with efficiently.

Also, I do a lot of website content auditing by reviewing what content exists, including looking at what landing pages and “calls-to-action” (CTAs) there are. Then, I look at how we can improve the conversion rates which includes making tweaks to different pieces of content and running A/B tests to see if they perform better. Content is king and can convert visitors into customers, so an audit is important to track and organise all the content so we can improve conversion rates.

I also check new photos for client websites, making sure they accurately represent the company. Not only this but I also design eBooks for customers. I look at the organisation’s branding and then produce an initial design. Liaising with clients is the next step and once they are happy with the final product, we get it live on their website. eBooks are a great tool as they can be downloaded on your phones or laptops and can be read wherever you are. Also, eBooks can show your authority on a subject which is great as customers may come to you for information on that subject or for the latest industry news.

One of my favourite tools, which I use every day, is “Lucky Orange”. Lucky Orange looks at user interaction with a client’s site. I can view heatmaps and recordings to help me see where users have clicked and how long they’ve been active on a specific page, for example. From this data, I’m able to determine how to encourage visitors to stay on webpages longer, what to do to stop them quickly leaving (or “bouncing”, as we call it) and see what options there are to improve particular sections to encourage more clicks as well as which parts to remove.

Working at the JDR Group for three years has given me a great perspective into how marketing works and the importance of things such as website content to be carefully checked for a company to successfully attract customers their way.

The team here are very friendly. Fridays are extra special as someone always brings in snacks for the team to share but more importantly, Friday is Red Bull day for me! I've been trying to cut down, but I let myself have it as a treat once a week.

Outside work, I enjoy playing football and I’m a huge supporter of Derby County.

So that’s what I get up to on a typical day at JDR. Thanks for reading.

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Photographer: Amy Kovulmaz