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Case Study: Specialist Engineering Company Achieve 550% Increase In Website Traffic & 450% Increase In Leads

Posted by Will Williamson on 25-Apr-2018 12:16:00
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Specialist Engineering Company Website Traffic Growth

This case study is from a client who came to one of our events two years ago. Based on the information they received at that event, they decided to engage us firstly to develop their website, and then to run an inbound marketing programme. This is a small company with (at first) no salespeople, and no marketing team - and run by a business owner in their mid-60's and looking to develop the business for a future generation.

The nature of the business is that just one new customer can create a lot of revenue - for example, a recent order from a website enquiry generated a £90,000 project.  Once they have designed and installed a system for a client, they also offer ongoing maintenance and support, providing a regular revenue stream in the future.

At The Start

Before we began work, this website was getting around 250-300 visits per month, and creating the odd enquiry - maybe one a week.

The website was out of date and not mobile friendly, there was no real database or CRM system, and no measurement or tracking of marketing.

Our Solution

We began by spending a whole month on strategy & planning - as it is a technical business, we needed to understand the industry, the terminology, and the target audience really well. Based on this, we developed a content plan and began writing and producing a series of industry whitepapers aimed at their engineering target market. 

We employed our 6-step marketing system to gradually increase website traffic through a variety of channels, and a conversion plan to generate leads and track all of the enquiries and results with HubSpot.

The Results

Website traffic quickly increased to more than double the base rate, and has been climbing steadily ever since, with some big breakthroughs coming more than a year in which saw the traffic climb to 6.5x the original level (see below). 

Specialist Engineering Company Website Traffic Growth

This has been driven primarily through huge growth in organic traffic:

Specialist Engineering Company Organic Traffic Growth

When we first began work, the website was not found in Google - this is the current keyword report showing more than 36 tracked keywords in the top 3 on Google (generating 23 leads in the past 30 days):

Keyword Rankings For Engineering Company

We haven't just relied on organic traffic though - Google AdWords has become a really valuable source of good enquiries. Through constant testing and measuring, the cost per enquiry has been reduced now to just £13.

We have also seen a big overall growth in leads and enquiries, from 2-4 per month to 15-20 per month every month so far in 2018:


Specialist Engineering Company Increase In Lead Generation

The goal is to continue building a consistent, regular pipeline of enquiries and opportunities coming from the website, and have a marketing and sales system that can continue once the current owner retires - leaving the company on a stable and successful platform.

How Else Have We Helped?

As part of our service, we visit the client regularly. We have provided training for their team, including a newly appointed salesperson, who we have worked with to help provide leads and provide CRM training plus sales resources. We have rebranded all of the company's technical data sheets. We have also begun email marketing to a targeted, opt-in database which is growing all the time.

Find Out More About How JDR Can Help

Over the past 14 years we have developed a marketing system designed to help you get more leads, build and market to a database and ultimately, to get more sales. To find out how we can help become your digital marketing department go to https://www.jdrgroup.co.uk/your-marketing-partner.

To start the ball rolling, you can request a free audit of your current marketing: FREE MARKETING AUDIT.

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