The Benefits Of Using HubSpot For Social Media Management


As a social media manager I manage various social media accounts for a variety of different clients. I have various responsibilities within this role, however one of my main responsibilities is to make sure our clients regularly post great content that will interest their target audience. Among other things I am also responsible for tracking the social media content stats such as engagement rates and reach. As the JDR Group are now HubSpot partners I have the benefit of working with HubSpot. Since working with HubSpot both myself and my social media clients have benefited a great deal. Many people understand the benefits that HubSpot has to offer for inbound marketing purposes, but not so many people realise how HubSpot can improve their social media marketing.

In this article I give you just a few of the many benefits of using HubSpot to manage your social media accounts.

Improved Communication With Clients

Communication.pngWorking with HubSpot has enabled me to improve my communication with my clients as they are able to login to their own HubSpot account and see the work that I have done for them on their various social media accounts. Rather than them having to log into various schedulers or social media accounts to view the content I have created for them, they are able to just log into one place and go through all of their social media content.

Many of my clients like to keep up to date with their social media and add their own content to their social media accounts to compliment the content I produce for them. HubSpot allows them to do this. With minimal training my clients are able to take advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer and can run reports etc. if they choose too.

Schedule Social Media Posts In One Place

Scheduling.pngRather than having to log in and out of various schedulers I am now able to schedule all of my social media posts for my clients in one place! As well as this all of my client’s content, reports and contacts are integrated into the same system, which makes publishing really easy. This enables me to get through my workload a lot quicker, which gives me more time to focus on producing great social media content for my clients.

Brilliant Reporting System

Reporting.pngHubSpot has a great social media reporting system which allows me to produce fantastic social media reports in a matter of seconds. Despite being far more comprehensive than any other social media reports I have used in the past, HubSpot’s social media reports are very easy to understand. So I am able to send them on to my clients without confusing them with lots of unnecessary facts and figures. HubSpot’s reports get straight to the point and show me the information my clients actually want to see. Such as the below and more!

  • ROI
  • Social Reach
  • Engagement Rates
  • Clicks Per Message
  • Interaction Per Message

Monitor Performance Quickly And Easily

Monitor.pngWith HubSpot you are able to monitor your social media accounts performance quickly and easily. As soon as I login to HubSpot I am able to see which social media posts have performed the best. As HubSpot provides me with the click through rates and engagement rates for each social media post that I write. Because of this I know which of my social media content strategies is working best for my client, this gives me the information I need in order to decide what content I should create and post for them next.

Gives A Clear Understanding Of ROI

ROI.pngThe HubSpot social media reporting system reveals how many new leads my clients have received directly from social media, which enables my clients to get a clear understanding of their return on investment and understand how their social media marketing is making money for their business.

Helps To Build Relationships With Social Media Followers

Customers.pngJDR Group are a Platinum HubSpot Partner. My clients and I can use HubSpot to learn more about their businesses new followers and maintain conversations across various social media platforms from the same inbox. HubSpot also allows me to see a follower’s entire history with their business. We can check page views, email opens and customer statuses, and gain a great understanding of the client’s social media followers

HubSpot has so much more to offer when it comes to managing and organising your social media campaigns, I have only scratched the surface in the article! If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using HubSpot visit the following page:

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