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I Can't Send Or Receive Emails – What Should I Do?

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 15-Jul-2016 09:24:10

I'm sure you've all experienced the stress and panic caused by emails. One minute they're working fine and the next thing you know you stop receiving emails and are unable to send! For some businesses that rely heavily upon email communication, unexpected downtime like this can result in lost enquiries and business, costing you money. So, it is important to try and get them back up and running correctly as quickly as possible. In this article, I aim to talk about some of the most common email issues you may encounter and how you can go about resolving them.

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Web Hosting Issues With 123 Reg – The Importance Of A Good Web Host For Small To Medium Business’s

Posted by Dale Bonser on 02-May-2016 17:35:00


In the news this week was the unfortunate news that web hosting company 123-reg accidentally deleted company websites from their servers. The BBC covered this story with an online article. The article explained that the company, which hosts 1.7m sites in the UK, said an error made during maintenance "effectively deleted" what was on some of its servers. “We can conclude that the issues faced have resulted in some data loss for some customers," the firm admitted. It started a "recovery process", but advised customers with their own data backup to rebuild their own websites. The web host, which has 800,000 customers in the UK, would not say how many websites had been deleted but said it was a "small proportion".

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5 Action Points To Take When Your Emails Stop Working

Posted by Adam Jones on 07-Oct-2015 09:23:00

Have you recently had issues with your emails? Do they drive you crazy when they stop working? Emails are crucial to any business and the moment they stop working, chaos ensues! It's important that you remain calm whilst the issue is happening, which can always be easier said then done. It is also important that you run some tests yourself before contacting your email provider. In this article I will be discussing 5 points which you can check and take action on to help reduce the downtime of your emails.

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Common Domain Name Questions

Posted by Adam Jones on 04-Feb-2015 08:30:00

Here at the JDR Group we get a lot of questions asked about Domain names. After giving it a think, we thought that writing an article about Domains Names would be perfect for anyone who is currently confused about what a Domain Name is, why you need one and why you have to renew them!

In this article we will go through each aspect of a Domain Name and what you can do if you ever get stuck on what to do next.

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What To Do If Your Website Goes Down

Posted by Adam Jones on 12-Jan-2015 09:28:00

Has your website gone down? Do you know the reason for it? There can be many reasons why your website may go down. In this article I will discuss the top 3 reasons why your website may have gone down. The first thing you need to remember is to always remain calm. It may seem like the end of the world when your website does not show up but if you do some simple checks, you may find out why, and if you are still struggling to find the root of the problem then you will need to get in touch with your website hosting company.

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Which Internet Browser Is The Best For My Business?

Posted by Dale Bonser on 27-Nov-2014 10:30:00

Considering that the Internet is such an important part of our lives in business and at home, using the right internet browser is one of the most important components when using the Internet. There are a wide variety of different browsers to choose from including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer to name just three. At JDR we speak to clients regularly that ask us which internet browser we use and which we recommend.

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How to Set up Your Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2003

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 26-Nov-2014 08:30:00

Setting up new emails in your mail client can be extremely difficult if you don’t know how, as anything is. It is also one of the most common questions we get asked over the phone here at JDR. In this article I am going to guide you through step by step on how to set up your emails in a popular mail client, Microsoft Outlook 2003. Please note that setting up emails in newer versions of Outlook as well as other mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird will be very similar to the instructions below.

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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Posted by Natalie Eastaugh on 20-Nov-2013 13:48:00


There is no straight forward answer to the question, but a good benchmark on how often you update your website copy, or content, should be driven by two basic things:

1) Consumer expectations

2) Trends or statistics around your site

Google constantly reminds us that content is king and bearing in mind the recent algorithm updates, making sure we are producing quality content that is useful to anyone visiting our websites is vital to keeping ahead of competitors.

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Topics: Website Design, Content Marketing, Customer Support

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