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Google Keyword Planner Has Updated! Has Keyword Research Changed Forever?

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 22-Sep-2016 15:58:00

Keyword research is one of the most important parts to get right at the start of any SEO campaign. It can really make or break the campaign. If it isn't done correctly then you are going to be targeting phrases that are either way too competitive or phrases that don't really get many searches. On the other hand, if it is done well it sets the basis for a great search engine optimisation campaign and the results can be extremely rewarding.

The majority of marketers, SEOs and even some business owners will all be familiar with the Google Keyword Planner and Google Keyword Tool before it. Many of us have relied on this free tool for a long time now as it provides search query volume, ideas, average AdWords cost per click, AdWords competition and more. However, the Keyword Planner we all know and love has been overhauled! Well, the average monthly searches section has anyway. This section used to show us a search figure for a phrase, i.e. 120 searches. Since the update, it now shows a ranged figure i.e. between 10-100 etc. So now with the Google Keyword Planner we have no real idea of exact search volume, just a really broad estimate.

What are the consequences of this update? Has keyword research changed forever? Continue reading below to hear our thoughts...

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How To Check Your Website Usability With Google's New Tool!

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 20-Jun-2016 12:30:00

Are you still worrying about the usability of your website? Do you even know how user-friendly your website is? Google has put a lot more emphasis on this over the last few years and has factored in different elements into their algorithm. This includes things like page speed and mobile friendliness. Google has recently released a brand new tool that makes it easier for business owners to check the key user-friendly elements all in one place.

It lets you know how you fare in terms of desktop site speed, mobile site speed and mobile friendliness. It gives all this data in one place and breaks it down easily.

The brand new tool is available here - https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/

Continue reading this article to find out more about Google's new tool and how you can use it to help your business get more customers! Plus, we discuss some extra tips to help you improve the usability of your website.

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Google Release Game Changing Mobile Feature – Welcome To Gboard

Posted by Adam Jones on 16-Jun-2016 09:43:00

We live in a world where there are constantly new apps and features being released for our smart phones. Features and apps aren’t just exciting new games or quirky gimmicks they’re fast becoming part of our everyday life. Google have recently released a new app which could certainly change the way you communicate with friends and the way you search online. Their new app is called Gboard. In this article, I will be discussing what this new app is and how it could potentially impact your local presence.

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Hot Google Mobile Search Trends

Posted by Will Williamson on 04-Jun-2016 10:51:00

With the midway point of 2016 rapidly approaching, it is interesting to look back on some of the predictions we, and others, made at the beginning of the year regarding mobile search trends. We were certainly right about one thing – mobile search is the biggest thing in marketing at the moment. Google is paying ever greater attention to the mobile market, with mobile web traffic now noticeably ahead of searches made on desktops and laptops. The result has been an ongoing flurry of businesses investing in new mobile websites and overhauling their current ones. The following trends continue to shape the face of mobile search as the year progresses:

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The Importance Of A Top Quality Business Logo – The Tokyo Olympics Games New Logo Revised After Change Due To Copyright

Posted by Dale Bonser on 19-May-2016 10:21:00

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games organisers recently released their logo for the Games. The logo, called Harmonized Chequered Emblem, replaces the first choice which was thrown out last year after the designer was accused of plagiarism as reported on BBC news online.

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Voice Search Reports Look Set To Be Featured In Google Search Console – Are You Optimised For Voice Search Queries?

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 17-May-2016 14:26:00

Voice search through Okay Google, Siri, Cortana and other platforms has risen in popularity in recent years. The trends are continuing to grow and the popularity of voice search isn't slowing down. I myself now use voice search quite a lot as it is more natural for me than typing, and easier! Also, the technology is getting better and is understanding speech better than it was. We posted an article on voice search last year here: Google Voice Search The Future Of Mobile Search.

It now looks as if Google are looking to make their products better by enabling webmasters to access voice search query data and reports through Google Search Console.

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Instagram Sends Users Into Meltdown After Announcing Their Upcoming Update

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 04-Apr-2016 14:54:00


Instagram have recently announced on their blog that they are going to be changing the way they show results in user feeds. The Social Media platform seems to be following suit with the likes of Facebook and more recently Twitter. At the moment, Instagram currently shows content from the users you like in a chronological order but they plan on changing this so you see the content you care about first. Continue reading this article to learn more about the update and what you need to know...

Why Now?

Instagram stated on their official blog that the majority of users miss on average 70 percent of their feeds! This means it has become harder to keep up to date with posts you might care about the most. Instagram stated that the new update will be your feed and will be ordered to show the content they believe you care about and like most, to improve the user experience. They have also stated that all posts will still be in your feed but just in a different order. Here is a quote from their blog which sums up what they aim to do really well:

“If your favourite musician shares a video from last night’s concert, it will be waiting for you when you wake up, no matter how many accounts you follow or what time zone you live in.”

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EU Online Dispute Resolution Update – What Do You Need To Do Next?

Posted by Adam Jones on 06-Mar-2016 14:03:00

I just want to start this article by saying that we have had a lot of conflicting opinions on this subject. So we have taken the liberty of looking more deeply into the subject to see if we can get a definitive answer, as to what you need to do if you are an online retailer with regards to adding the new requirement from the EU.

Let’s start by discussing what this is. If you have a website for your business then the chances are that over the last couple of weeks you have received a number of emails regarding some updates that the EU have introduced in regards to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). The new changes suggest that you need to add some text and a link to your website to help a user/buyer navigate to, if they have a dispute with your business.

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The Power of LinkedIn: Football Club Signs Player Using LinkedIn! (Plus Top LinkedIn Tips)

Posted by Dale Bonser on 26-Feb-2016 11:48:00

The power of social media in today’s business world is nothing new. Social media is used by millions of innovative and creative individuals. Businesses around the world promote, advertise and build relationships using a wide range of social media platforms.

What is interesting is the fact that social media marketing has become popular and used within the mainstream. This January, a football club in Slovenia signed a player by posting a message on LinkedIn searching for a player to fill a specific position.

The BBC writes “After Domzale head coach Luka Elsner, 33, posted a message asking for an "offensive right-back" who "must have an EU passport", the top-flight club received 150 applications and signed Spanish defender Alvaro Brachi, 30, just before transfer deadline day’”

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#RipTwitter – What It's About And Why You Should Use Twitter As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy, Regardless

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 25-Feb-2016 08:14:00

Are you still using Twitter as much as you once were? Have you heard of the #RipTwitter worldwide trend and the potential newsfeed update that has sparked an uproar? Read on to find out what the #RipTwitter trend was about and the bad publicity they have received...

#RipTwitter was recently trending worldwide on the Social Media platform and has caused them to suffer heaps of bad publicity. Recent results that have been released show a torrid last few months for the Social Media giant! This may come as a surprise to some of you but seriously, in the last quarter Twitter's value has halved!

The worldwide trend and hashtag #RipTwitter was the outcome of user frustration after many had heard that Twitter were proposing an update to their timeline, meaning tweets will be displayed in a different order. However, the Social Media company announced that the most appropriate and best tweets (selected by their algorithm) will be displayed at the top of user's timelines. If you're a Twitter user, does that satisfy you? Is it going to be enough to keep you using the platform? Or do you prefer the chronological order of tweets shown currently, like myself?

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