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How Has Coronavirus Affected Website Traffic And Enquiries For UK SME’s?

Posted by Will Williamson on 03-Apr-2020 13:05:26

Commerce in the UK has been massively suppressed since the UK government started introducing social distancing measures and social restrictions in March. Almost every business has felt the effect of the crisis financially, and many companies are now, in effect, closed and hibernating – hoping to survive on their resources and the government’s financial assistance long enough to be able to reopen and recover in a few months.

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

How To Win New Business And Influence Your Prospects

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 02-Apr-2020 16:25:35

In order to grow your enterprise from its current position, you need to bring in business from new customers. This might seem obvious on paper but finding ways to attract prospects and turn them into loyal (i.e. repeat) customers requires understanding them and how best to influence their decisions. As such, here are some of the factors you should be looking at in order to keep attracting customers.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Sales & CRM, Strategy

5 Steps To Successful Selling

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 31-Mar-2020 10:26:17

To expand, and even to survive, every SME has to become comfortable with selling their services. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 89% of UK businesses that started in 2017 survived into 2018, yet of those businesses that started in 2013 only about 42% were still operational. For your business to survive long-term you must be aware of how best to market yourself as well as be flexible enough to engage in newer methods for marketing and sales as they become available.

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

Why You Should Sell Online: 7 Benefits Of Ecommerce Websites

Posted by Will Williamson on 13-Mar-2020 11:32:07

You may currently have an office or shop, which oversees all your business operations and the distribution of your products to customers. However if you are wanting to find ways to increase your sales quicker, reduce your business operating costs and increase profit margins for your business, an ecommerce website is an effective way forward for you.

The Internet is a powerful platform providing a broad awareness of e-commerce websites. There are millions of people searching the internet everyday, looking for products and services. Online shopping is increasing year on year and is being seen as a convenient method to purchase products, where you can also buy at any time in the day.

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Topics: Website Design, Sales & CRM

Are You Too Reliant On A Core Of Returning Customers?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 05-Mar-2020 12:41:00

If your business has a couple of really big clients who keep on coming back, that's a good thing. Most companies have securing high value, repeat customers at the core of their business development strategy. However, over dependence on a core of returning customers – at the expense of new business sales – can be a risky approach. Here’s why.

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

Need A Proper Business Database & Get Away From Excel? Here’s How JDR Can Help Set You Up With A FREE CRM System

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 24-Feb-2020 09:37:00

You need to keep track of your relationships with your customers, but are you doing that in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient way? Many businesses rely on basic spreadsheets, and some still rely on piles of physical business cards. Keeping everything accessible and easy to manage with these outdated approaches can be a nightmare. Fortunately, if you need to build an intuitive and accessible database, there's a great alternative FREE option: HubSpot CRM.

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Hubspot

LinkedIn Native Video WILL Attract More Customers! - Here's 5 Benefits

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 19-Feb-2020 12:57:00

Since LinkedIn introduced its native video feature in 2017, it's become increasingly attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. Your business could be missing out if it's not one of them, so let's go straight into looking at 5 reasons for business owners to use it to generate more leads and sales.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Sales & CRM

How Important Are Google Reviews For My Business? (4 Reasons Why They Are Very Important!)

Posted by Will Williamson on 14-Feb-2020 16:51:22

With 1 in 4 UK consumers now using TripAdvisor before they book their holiday, the importance of reviews in todays consumer-led society has never been higher. This week someone came to JDR for an interview, and had read all our Google reviews ahead of the interview. Many potential customers read our reviews before finally deciding to work with us. Your customers do too.

It’s not always easy to get these reviews – your customers will mostly take your good service for granted and Google don’t let you write a review without opening an account so unless they are extremely motivated they will be easily deterred. In the company marketing department, you may not have easy access to your customers, and many directors dislike the idea of ‘bothering’ customers to ask for reviews. So is it worth the effort? Here are 6 great reasons:

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

New Year Sales Drive? Read This Before You Make Any Cold Calls

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 03-Feb-2020 14:13:00

As the new year gathers pace, many businesses are looking to step up their sales performance. Attracting new customers is the first step on the road – and it can be tempting to fall back on that old standby, cold calling. But hold your horses. There are plenty of alternatives that don't involve calling people out of the blue.

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How Your Website Can Help Increase Sales - Even If You’re Not Selling Online!

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 13-Dec-2019 11:48:00

A lot of articles talk about a website in terms of lead generation and marketing – i.e. getting people interested before the hard work of making a sale begins. But what if you’re one of those businesses for whom the majority of sales are still made face-to-face, at events, or through referrals? Do you really need to sink money into a website in this case? Yes. Your website is your most important sales asset, bar none. And that applies even if you make none of your sales online.

In this article, we explain why, and how you can optimise your website to make more offline sales.

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