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3 Ways To Improve Your Brand Recognition

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 15-Dec-2017 09:49:51

Being a small business in a vast sea of bigger fish can be a difficult journey at times. There are plenty of small businesses that fail and fall by the wayside due to their lack of online presence. So just how, as a smaller fish in this online sea of competition do you survive and thrive? Well, having a solid marketing plan and brand management strategy can go a long way!

In this article, we look at a number of ways to help your business improve its brand recognition. Dive in...

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Business Development

B2B vs B2C Lead Generation - Should Your Tactics Be Different?

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 14-Dec-2017 11:21:39

Previously, marketing tactics would be the same no matter what kind of business you were running. You'd put an advert in a newspaper, create a video Ad for television or hand out flyers and business cards to people indiscriminately. But now, the availability of digital marketing has allowed different businesses to target their specific audience whether that be consumers or other business owners.

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Topics: B2B Marketing

What To Do When Your New Website Goes Live - Season 3, Episode 6 Of The Digital Prosperity Podcast

Posted by Will Williamson on 13-Dec-2017 11:46:05

Launching a new website is often a painful process. It can often take longer than you expect and anticipate and once you have finally pushed the button and put the brand new shiny website live, it’s quite exciting and you want to shout and tell the world about it. But there are some really important steps to think about when the website goes live in terms of ensuring a good continuity, making sure you’re well set up and also looking beyond the website to how you get the most out of the investment of time and money that you’ve made.

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Topics: Website Design, B2B Marketing

How To Convince Your Team About The Power Of Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Hannah Makin on 12-Dec-2017 14:11:49

You may be wondering how on earth you are going to convince your team about the power of inbound marketing? If this is the case, keep reading.

Inbound marketing is a completely different outlook on not just your marketing, but your entire business. Adopting this strategy involves a change in mind-set of both the company and its customers.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

Business Productivity: An Inside Look At Lead Generation & Pipeline Management

Posted by Louise Earith on 07-Dec-2017 14:47:07

Every business needs to focus on two things in order to grow and develop: generating new leads alongside retaining existing customers. As long as you maintain a high level of service and competitive prices your customers should stay with you for a long period of time. The tricky part is finding ways to attract genuine leads, then safely guiding them through the sales journey until they become an official customer.

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Topics: Lead Generation

5 Marketing Automation Trends For 2018

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 06-Dec-2017 11:45:00

Marketing automation is a tool that more businesses are seeing the potential in every day. Hubspot reported that businesses using marketing automation to nurture leads received a 451% increase in qualified leads so it's not hard to see why many businesses owners are taking advantage of this system. Marketing automation is always evolving and new software, systems and features are being developed every day. Because of this new automation trends appear all the time and some popular methods are replaced by improved tactics.

Let's talk about what marketing automation actually means...

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Topics: Marketing Automation

How To Successfully Implement Marketing Automation

Posted by Hannah Makin on 05-Dec-2017 10:19:28

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation technology and software helps to streamline repetitive marketing tasks to increase productivity and efficiency within both the sales and marketing sectors of your business. The aim is to ultimately attract new leads, generate sales and increase revenue in the easiest way possible.

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Topics: Marketing Automation

6 Ways To Build Trust On Your Business Website & Why It Matters

Posted by Adam Jones on 04-Dec-2017 11:23:15

We live in a world where trust is everything. If someone feels they’ve lost trust in your business they will simply take their business somewhere else and find a competitor to work with. First impressions are everything when it comes to people visiting your website and you need to make sure that you gain a person’s trust straight away. In this article, I will be discussing 6 ways that you can build a person’s trust while they visit and browse your website.

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Topics: Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation

SEO Is A Waste Of Money – Is This Phrase True?

Posted by Josh Delahay on 30-Nov-2017 09:46:20

Once upon a time, Search Engine Optimisation consisted of putting keywords into key areas that Google would look for. You could essentially use black hat SEO to spam Google with keywords in order to appear higher in search results. This is no longer the case. Businesses have had to change their SEO strategy in order to get any results whatsoever and it takes a lot more work than writing a bunch of keywords. Why is this though? Does this make SEO a waste of time and money?

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation

4 Lead Generation Ideas For Accounting Firms

Posted by Hannah Makin on 29-Nov-2017 12:18:53

Over the years, Accountancy firms as a whole have massively broadened their horizons through the ever expanding digital world, especially in terms of marketing their services.

Technology has opened up many new doors for this particular industry, grasping lots of new communication channels to interact with and secure potential new customers. For Accountancy and many other industries, they must embrace the technology, commercial and economic changes in order to progress with their customers to generate leads and enable success.

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Topics: Lead Generation

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