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Psychological Tricks To Improve Conversions For eCommerce Businesses 

Posted by Louise Earith on 23-Jan-2018 12:14:19

Generating sales online isn't rocket science. In fact, selling items online is easier than marketing them in store. We live in a society where time is precious. People would much rather shop online as opposed to trekking up and down the high-street.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

3 Easy Steps To Improving Your Website Conversion Rates

Posted by Hannah Makin on 22-Jan-2018 17:24:29

A conversion is the practice of a lead 'converting' into a customer, whilst monitoring and understanding how your visitors interact with your digital campaigns and overall online presence. Any successful, or aspiring successful business owner should always have increased conversion rates as a goal to be constantly working towards and striving to improve. Because without customers, there is no business.

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Topics: Conversion Rate Optimisation

A Well Optimised Website Or A Well Designed Website: Which Is More Important?

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 19-Jan-2018 11:04:45

When building a website it's important to consider both the design and the functionality of the website. Both will play a big role in portraying the way you will be seen by your traffic and they can both make or break your website, but which is more important?

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How Successful Was Your Website In 2017? What You Need To Review For This Year

Posted by Adam Jones on 18-Jan-2018 10:35:17

As we start the new year of 2018 it comes the time where we start reviewing the previous year gone by. This is even more important when you review your year from a business perspective. Reviewing your year from a business perspective will help to see whether or not your previous year was a successful or not. When it comes to sales and turnover you will already know how successful your year was but do you know how successful your website was? In this article, I will be discussing what you need to review in order to be able to see whether or not your website has performed as well as it should have.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

4 Steps To YouTube Success For Businesses

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 17-Jan-2018 14:46:07

We are over 2 weeks into the new year now so hopefully, you're back into the swing of things. Many businesses this year are going to be revitalising their websites and revamping their marketing strategies to pave a way for success. Are you on this same path? Have you considered your business website or marketing strategy for 2018 yet? If you are still thinking about strategies and heard about video advertising or thought about setting up a business YouTube channel, now is the time.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketing

Content Marketing Trends To Expect In 2018: Part 2

Posted by Hannah Makin on 16-Jan-2018 10:40:00

Content Marketing Trends to Expect In 2018  Part 2.jpg

Now that we are all just about settled into the New Year, it is probably a good time to further discuss what content marketing trends you should be expecting in 2018.

Following on from Part 1 of this article in which subjects such as personalisation, super niche content, and voice searches were explored, here are a few more trends that will be worth knowing about over the next 12 months.

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Topics: Content Marketing

3 Simple Ways To Amplify The Visibility Of Your Website In 2018

Posted by Louise Earith on 13-Jan-2018 11:45:00

Your website's visibility can be compared to footfall traffic outside a shop in the town centre. As a rule, the more visible you are, the greater the likelihood of customers investing in your business. The type and amount of attention you need will vary depending on the maturity of your business, the nature of your product / service and your ability to satisfy the growing demand.

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Topics: Website Design

Which Website Design Trends Are Going To Take Over In 2018?

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 12-Jan-2018 09:40:00

2017 was a great year for website design. There were many innovations regarding both visuals and technology. Now, as a new year begins, it's a great time to look to the future and make some predictions in order get ahead of the game. Here is a quick look at 5 website design trends we expect to rule 2018!

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Topics: Website Design

4 Important Guidelines To Follow When Uploading Images To Your Website

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 04-Jan-2018 14:00:00

When the internet first came about, websites could only be made of text and hyperlinks. Now though, it is difficult to find a website that doesn't include at least a single image. They're used for page decoration, thumbnails, to show product examples, buttons and much more. With so many uses, it's not hard to fill a page with big, beautiful imagery. However, if you're planning on adding images to your website there are a few guidelines that you need to follow.

Let's take a look...

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design

SEO Trends For 2018 – What These Mean For Your Business

Posted by Josh Delahay on 03-Jan-2018 13:00:00

Can you believe it? 2017 has already come to an end! It has been a big year for SEO with many different rising trends. There has been the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) when Google announced stricter rules on AMP. There has also been a huge rise in voice searches and location marketing. If you didn’t take advantage of these or simply didn’t know about the trends, you may have missed some great opportunities to improve your search engine rankings. It’s a New Year and that can mean only one thing – New Year’s resolutions.

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

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