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4 Powerful Hyperlocal Marketing Tips To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Curve!

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 27-Feb-2017 14:08:28

As the world gets more and more mobile as each day passes, hyperlocal marketing is growing at a rapid pace. Searches that are carried out now and have hyperlocal intent are far more frequent than they previously have been. I fully expect this trend to continue to grow as more of us continue to use our mobile devices on a daily basis. You could even say that the world is starting to become robotic as we are relying more on technology and our mobile devices act as an extension of ourselves.

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Topics: Mobile Marketing, Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketing

What Is Landing Page Optimisation?

Posted by will williamson on 25-Feb-2017 11:00:00

When a visitor arrives on your site, the page they land on is your one opportunity to capture their attention and start a dialogue. Many businesses invest in paid search methods, only to guide traffic to a generic home page. From here potential customers are expected to navigate onto the product which matches their needs. With so much competition, too much is left to chance.

Optimised landing pages are strategically created web pages, which act like signposts to guide visitors towards a further interaction. Each page can be set up to capture traffic from a specific search enquiry or phrase. This helps to attract the right type of visitors for each product, creating more inbound leads, which leads to higher conversions. By including highly specific images, questions or messages, visitors are directed to the information they want more quickly. As far as search engines are concerned, that’s good news for your rankings too.

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Things NOT To Include In A Mobile App Landing Page

Posted by leanne mordue on 24-Feb-2017 11:30:00

When marketing a new mobile app for your business, it is helpful to set up a dedicated landing page to drive traffic. This will increase your number of clicks and maximise the chance of the app being downloaded in greater numbers by your target market. Of course, simply setting up a landing page does not guarantee traffic, nor –crucially – does it guarantee conversions when visitors arrive. For a marketing campaign to be effective, your landing pages have to be geared up for the highest possible conversion rate.

So what should, and should not be included on a mobile app landing page?

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Topics: Mobile Marketing

The Impact Of Social Media On Society & Business: What This Means For Your B2B Brand

Posted by leanne mordue on 23-Feb-2017 16:54:31

Social media has developed quickly and is changing the way that people interact with information and communicate. While most companies will recognise social media's importance for B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, the B2B (Business to Business) market still remains relatively underdeveloped.

This is not a surprise, given the self-image that many B2B companies have.

It is hard to get excited about an adhesives company, even if it is yours. And this is emblematic of the issues that the B2B sector has when using social media.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

Marketing Automation For B2B Made Easy

Posted by will williamson on 22-Feb-2017 15:20:00

Do you know the potential value of each visitor to your website? How do you decide which prospects need nurturing and which are ready to make a purchase? How can you understand the value of your marketing campaigns? Marketing automation provides these answers.

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Topics: B2B Marketing

4 Ways To Know If Your Google AdWords Is Spiralling Out Of Control

Posted by Adam Jones on 21-Feb-2017 16:10:00

Google AdWords can be an expensive marketing tool for your business when it’s not correctly managed. Many businesses are scared of trying Google AdWords either because of bad experiences personally or hearing horror stories from other people. Google AdWords can, however, work wonders for your business when it is managed in the correct manner. In this article, I will be discussing 4 ways you can tell if your Google AdWords is spiralling out of control along with how you can prevent this.

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Topics: Pay Per Click Advertising

5 Ways To Use Facebook Live For Your Business To Improve Engagement And Inspire Your Customers

Posted by Matthew Tudge on 12-Feb-2017 11:10:00


Engaging and interacting with your customers is a must for any business, and creating content is a great way to do this. Videos and image content creation are much more appealing than text alone. What if the video however was live and in the moment?

Back in 2015, Facebook released their Facebook Live feature. When this first began testing it was only introduced to celebrities. However, Facebook Live has since been made available to everyone.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

When Social Media Goes Wrong For Businesses

Posted by leanne mordue on 11-Feb-2017 11:45:00

Social media is a strong lead generation tool for B2B businesses, but is wide open to misuse. Achieving the right balance of content, activity and responsiveness is a recipe for building trust and reaching out to new prospects. A wrong-footed approach to social media can have exactly the opposite effect. Here we examine seven common social media mistakes and why you should avoid them.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing

SEO Or Google AdWords: Which Gives The Best Value?

Posted by will williamson on 10-Feb-2017 10:45:00

By far the largest sources of website visitors are paid online advertising and organic searches. Organic visitors arrive on your website through search engine queries. They type in a phrase or question – known as a keyword – and select your website from the results displayed by Google. Paid traffic originates in exactly the same way, but instead of clicking one of the 10 ‘organic’ links on the (usually first) results page, they click on one of the paid adverts to the top or right of the search results, arriving on a landing page. Google claimed more than one trillion individual web searches in 2016, so it is clear that both organic and paid approaches to search marketing offer the lure of impressive results.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Posted by leanne mordue on 09-Feb-2017 14:00:00

For the smallest of SMEs – let’s say those with less than five employees – marketing poses a resource problem. If this is you, then you will already be familiar with the conundrum. You need a flow of new work for your business to grow, but all of your resources are already tied up with servicing your existing customers. Time spent on marketing doesn’t directly earn you money, so how can you justify diverting time away from service provision? Furthermore, your team may not have marketing experience, which is understandable, nor have the time to invest in retraining.

The alternative is to pay an agency to do your marketing for you, but where is the money going to come from for that? Here is the quandary. Fortunately, online marketing opens up several fast and cheap marketing tactics that can be used by small businesses to good effect.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

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