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Linkedin Video 101 For Business Owners: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 20-Feb-2020 16:08:00

LinkedIn's status as the world's number one professional business network is secure. That makes it a key platform for business owners and MDs looking to build new business connections and generate valuable leads. Video is tremendously effective at cutting through and reaching your desired audience, so how do you make it work for you? Here's how.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

LinkedIn Native Video WILL Attract More Customers! - Here's 5 Benefits

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 19-Feb-2020 12:57:00

Since LinkedIn introduced its native video feature in 2017, it's become increasingly attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. Your business could be missing out if it's not one of them, so let's go straight into looking at 5 reasons for business owners to use it to generate more leads and sales.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Sales & CRM

Why You Should Incorporate LinkedIn Native Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 18-Feb-2020 10:07:00

LinkedIn's new native video feature is a powerful tool for boosting your marketing ROI. Here's how you can make it work for your business to bring in new leads and sales.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

How LinkedIn Video Ads Can Secure New Sales For Your Business

Posted by Will Williamson on 17-Feb-2020 16:36:00

Lead generation is a central part of business development. Without qualified leads, your sales team won't have the building blocks you need to make conversions and grow your company. LinkedIn Video Ads can play a big part in this – let's take a look at how.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

How Important Are Google Reviews For My Business? (4 Reasons Why They Are Very Important!)

Posted by Will Williamson on 14-Feb-2020 16:51:22

With 1 in 4 UK consumers now using TripAdvisor before they book their holiday, the importance of reviews in todays consumer-led society has never been higher. This week someone came to JDR for an interview, and had read all our Google reviews ahead of the interview. Many potential customers read our reviews before finally deciding to work with us. Your customers do too.

It’s not always easy to get these reviews – your customers will mostly take your good service for granted and Google don’t let you write a review without opening an account so unless they are extremely motivated they will be easily deterred. In the company marketing department, you may not have easy access to your customers, and many directors dislike the idea of ‘bothering’ customers to ask for reviews. So is it worth the effort? Here are 6 great reasons:

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Topics: Sales & CRM, Strategy

Why Is My SEO Not Working?! (Here Are 8 Reasons Why)

Posted by Will Williamson on 13-Feb-2020 17:26:00

Being an SEO consultant isn’t easy. Many clients expect overnight results, and blame you if they don’t achieve sales. Most people you meet don’t understand what you do and some treat you with a combination of mistrust and contempt, as if you are a practitioner of some kind of black magic.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Branding And Content On Social Media For B2B & B2C Businesses: What Are The Main Differences?

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 12-Feb-2020 16:23:45

The necessity of a social media presence isn't debated anymore, no matter what kind of business you operate. Potential clients for companies that operate in the B2B sector are being reached via social media, so if you aren't taking advantage, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

There are some pesky ideas that seem to be haunting the B2B community when it comes to social media. Many company directors still cling to the idea that somehow social media marketing isn't necessary for their business, just because they don't operate in the B2C sector.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Are You Too Reliant On The Same Few Clients? (5 Easy Ways To Generate More High Quality Leads)

Posted by Leanne Mordue on 12-Feb-2020 14:54:00

Finding ways to generate leads for your business is a key part of business development. Your business will never expand if you rely solely on the same few clients, what do you do if one of those businesses collapses and you've lost a third of your revenue in the blink of an eye?! 

That is why you need to act NOW before it's too late and focus your attention on generating high quality leads as a key part of your business development.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video), Strategy

Where To Begin With A Marketing Strategy For Niche Products?! With Inbound Marketing, Of Course!

Posted by Josh Delahay on 11-Feb-2020 13:00:00

Is your niche business struggling to reach its target audience and isn't attracting attention from many potential customers. Is this because you are not providing the products or services that people want? No! Is it because people simply don’t know the business and the services or products it provides actually exist? Probably. But why is this? Many niche businesses fall short of their goals due to an ineffective marketing strategy.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

How To Write A Winning Marketing Email (Every Time!)

Posted by Andrew Gibbins on 10-Feb-2020 13:09:52

When you launch a brilliant new product or add a great new feature, you'll want to tell people about it. An email campaign is an excellent way to do this. The problem you'll often come up against is how to write that email to get what you really want: conversions. c

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Topics: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing