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Case Study: Automotive Racking Manufacturers Double Website Traffic & Leads

Posted by Will Williamson on 26-Apr-2018 16:05:00

This example comes from an international automotive racking manufacturer who already had an effective website, and had some of the biggest names in the industry as customers. They saw that there was a much wider market available for their products, so they decided to take the plunge and look to take their online marketing on to the next level with JDR..

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Case Study: Specialist Engineering Company Achieve 550% Increase In Website Traffic & 450% Increase In Leads

Posted by Will Williamson on 25-Apr-2018 12:16:00

This case study is from a client who came to one of our events two years ago. Based on the information they received at that event, they decided to engage us firstly to develop their website, and then to run an inbound marketing programme. This is a small company with (at first) no salespeople, and no marketing team - and run by a business owner in their mid-60's and looking to develop the business for a future generation.

The nature of the business is that just one new customer can create a lot of revenue - for example, a recent order from a website enquiry generated a £90,000 project.  Once they have designed and installed a system for a client, they also offer ongoing maintenance and support, providing a regular revenue stream in the future.

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Why You Should Regularly Analyse Your Content

Posted by Josh Delahay on 24-Apr-2018 15:51:43

If you've created a piece of content, you are going to want to see it have a positive impact on your business. You don't want to see content that you have worked hard on go to waste and not produce anything for your business. However, if you aren't analysing your content, how are you to know if it is helping your business at all?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video)

Work With JDR Group: Increase Your Website Traffic By 191% & Lead Generation By 654% In Just 12 Months

Posted by Will Williamson on 23-Apr-2018 09:12:00

Over the course of 14 years we have worked on hundreds, even thousands of marketing campaigns - ranging from traditional outbound campaigns (telemarketing, direct mail, events etc) to modern inbound techniques (SEO, content, social media etc). In the past two years we have developed something which goes beyond a campaign, or individual marketing tactics - we've developed an entire system for sales and marketing that helps businesses grow.

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How JDR Can Track & Measure Your Sales & Marketing Effectiveness With HubSpot

Posted by Will Williamson on 21-Apr-2018 13:28:00

HubSpot is the marketing leading sales and marketing software platform for small businesses. While not the ideal fit in every single case, for the majority of business owners we work with it is the platform we'll recommend. 

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Topics: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing, Sales & CRM

Case Study: Machine Manufacturers Go From 10 Leads A Month To 125, Generate £8m+ in Sales Pipeline

Posted by Will Williamson on 21-Apr-2018 09:54:00

This case study comes from a specialist machine manufacturer who sell products worldwide and wanted to improve their digital/online presence, to compliment the sales they achieve through trade shows/exhibitions. They have a technical product, which involves a large capital investment from customers, so there is a long sales cycle. We have been working with them since June 2016 to develop their marketing... this is their story.

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Topics: Case Studies

How Can Businesses Within The Arts & Entertainment Industry Grow Using Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Lewis Dillingham on 20-Apr-2018 15:07:17

Inbound marketing can sometimes come across as being useful only to knowledge-based, industrial, B2B businesses but that is not the case. There are tons of Inbound Marketing tactics that will help your arts & entertainment business gain new viewers, readers, customers and more.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Blog Article Conversion Rates

Posted by Hannah Makin on 16-Apr-2018 16:56:11

A blog aims to inform its readers by giving a high quality, ethical, and valuable insight into your company's product or service, and overall brand. They help build credibility, and with the immense amount of exposure they can bring to your company, the potential of connecting with a wider audience is increased massively.

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5 Reasons Why You MUST Complete A Weekly Check Of Your Live AdWords Campaign

Posted by Adam Jones on 12-Apr-2018 10:56:16

Many businesses fall into the trap of forgetting about their AdWords campaign once they’ve spent the time setting it up. Many people believe that the initial work when creating a Google AdWords campaign is the most important step and once they’ve done this their campaign will be guaranteed success. This is completely the wrong thought process to have and you need to make sure you’re making regular checks. In this article, I will be discussing 5 reasons why it’s so important for you to complete weekly checks of your AdWords campaign.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Email Click Through Rate

Posted by Hannah Makin on 11-Apr-2018 14:31:41

Email marketing is often overlooked by many, especially by small to medium sized enterprises. However, what business owners do not realise, is that this method of marketing is an extremely cost effective solution that as a matter of fact, holds just as much power as the next online marketing technique does!

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